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Shipping Policy

All packages will be subject to our ship smart policy in which our system takes both shipping speed and price into a consideration to find a perfect balance of both. For any emergency shipping speeds, please choose our Super-Fast shipping option. When you choose this option, we will give you the fastest shipping no matter the price. The product may take anywhere from a day to a week to be shipped out depending on order dates and different collections. For any more questions, please contact us. You can find a link to our contact center at the bottom of every page or at

Return & Exchange Policy

All sales are subject to our case-by-case policy. With this policy, we consider the reason for returns and go from there. Our amazing representatives work to give the best customer service and lighten each customer's day. We strive to give the best possible experience and resolve any issues that may have occurred. No-hassle returns are possible if there is an applicable reason for any factoring defects. Any other return may be subject to re-stocking and shipping fees to the customer's expense

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