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Modesty Dress Code of Conduct

At LightHouse Youth, we believe in creating a spiritually edifying environment in which everyone is lifted up and can share in the spiritual presence. To push this mission, we have certain rules in place. The Dress Code is part of our initiative and therefore is important to the environment we are pushing. Please follow the rules below to avoid any issues during check-in or during the period of the event.


Females' Dress Code

- No tight-to-body appearance (including leggings or body-expressive dresses)

- No jewelry

- Dresses and skirts must be below the knees

- No pants or jeans

- No tank tops

Males' Dress Code

- No ripped jeans

- No jewelry

- No tank tops

- No hats


Modesty helps our initiative towards a strong and wholesome spiritual environment, we hope you understand and partake in our efforts. Thank you!

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